Our Services

Our Services

Investment Property Management

In order to obtain the best from your investment, Principles can provide property management services that enable the investor to tap into our experience and professional knowledge while we handle the administration of the property. This service is useful for those who have invested in property in Hong Kong, but reside for part or much of the year outside of Hong Kong.

Total Lease Management

Total Lease Management is an effective way for companies with a large number of employees to streamline their operations in Hong Kong and optimize resources. By out-sourcing housing matters to Principles, companies are free to concentrate on their core businesses, rather than on time consuming and emotional employee housing issues. As housing professionals, our goal is to represent companies and their employees by providing a comprehensive service which tends to their needs throughout their tenure in Hong Kong. We keep management up-to-date on all developments pertaining to an employee’s housing situation and inform them of important market developments.

Tenancy Renewal

Should a tenant wish to continue to rent a property after the expiration of a rental contract, we assist with tenant and landlord negotiations, to provide appropriate contractual advice, as well as the latest market information on rental trends.

Special Customer Service concept at Principles Property Agency
SHIGEKI FUJIWARA, Customer Service Manager

At Principles Property, we place special emphasis on customer service. Shigeki Fujiwara, having worked with us for over 6 years, has been efficiently and effectively executing his duties by providing our clients with comprehensive post – move-in support throughout the lease term. His specialized service has been receiving high accredit from our satisfied clients as being a partner they can trust and count on.